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Do you need a separate mobile site? Yes!

Yes… Why? In the next five years, more people will connect to the internet via a mobile device than by a PC (Source: Forrester Research).


This means your customers are looking for you and your products and services on smartphones. The growth of mobile search is growing at a pace faster than the internet did at its peak. Google’s mobile traffic has quintupled since 2007. This growth will continue as smart phone penetration rises. Today mobile subscribers top 5 billion and the Earth’s population is only 6.8 billion.  With this kind of information it is hard to ignore the importance of having a mobile website for your business.

Have you checked your website?

Customers visit your site every day, and more and more are doing it using a mobile device. Here are some additional stats to consider: Today, 70% of the world’s population has a mobile phone, and Apple just sold 47 million iPhones in the U.S. last year alone. The Wire2Mobile™ Mobile Website with CMS is a turn-key semi-custom solution that allows any business to quickly and effectively deploy a mobile version of their website with all of the necessary features and requirements quickly and cost effectively.

What is your plan?

If you have ever thought about creating a mobile version of your website, but may not understand why–we’re here to help. Wire2Mobile makes it easy to convert your existing website into a mobile website, so you can get noticed for all the right reasons.  Think of how many times a day people use their phones to look for a business, call a friend to ask for a recommendation, or tweet something they may like to people within their circle. Let us help your company or organization leverage an amazing revolution taking place–the mobile revolution!


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